SohoMD provides genetic testing

Historically, the psychiatric evaluation involved a discussion with a provider. Certain elements in your life story along with patterns in your thoughts, feelings, and actions would be used to determine your diagnosis and treatment plan. In many ways, the psychiatrist would figure out the molecular mechanisms that were "off" at a microscopic level from talking and observing you at a macroscopic level. There were always tests that psychiatrists could perform to back up their standard evaluations, but the tests typically added little new information for the added cost and inconvenience.  Hence, psychiatry used observation as the main approach to diagnosis.

Recently, since the sequencing of the human genome, the cost to analyze your DNA has come down dramatically. And with it has come new insights into sets of genes that are connected to certain psychiatric disorders and treatments. This new age of personalized medicine is a revolution in the field of psychiatry. We now have a cost-effective way to get additional information that supports or gives deep insights into different disorders. It allows our providers to more efficiently understand the molecular mechanisms behind your emotions and symptoms. And more importantly, it helps create a more accurate treatment than was previously possible for complicated cases. SohoMD utilizes this state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the highest quality psychiatric care.