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We are Committed to Providing the Resources Needed for The Successful Treatment of Your Conditions. From ADHD to Substance Abuse, We Can Help.

SohoMD is a dynamic psychiatry practice with locations in downtown Manhattan in New York City, and in the Grove Street area of Jersey City. We offer high-quality treatment for anxiety, depression, and adult ADHD, as well as outpatient substance abuse therapy. Treatments are affordable and appointments can be scheduled quickly.

In treatment, there are different levels of care. Some disorders require advanced technologies and uncharted treatment approaches. Sometimes, a hospital-based clinic attached to a major medical center is the best setting. At the other end of the spectrum, a condition might not be related to a disorder, and may respond with minimal care from a coach or counselor. SohoMD specializes in cases that fall between these two extremes.

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SohoMD is committed to providing our patients with all the resources needed for successful treatment.

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