Refer A Patient

We Encourage Referrals and Communication as Care Progresses

SOHOMD was founded on the belief that the body and mind possess critical capacities for healing and that our job as clinicians is to facilitate that process. We offer virtual treatment services that are based on a holistic approach. We view proper sleep, healthy diet, exercise, nurturing relationships, prudent planning, and enjoyable activities as the pillars of a healthy and happy life. And we use talk therapy and medications to help our patients achieve and maintain their goals. Why should you refer a patient for evaluation by SOHOMD?
  • SOHOMD performs a comprehensive, evidence-based biological and psychological evaluation to determine whether or not your patients will benefit from supplements and/or psychiatric medications.
  • Our approach utilizes genetic markers, which provide additional support for making a diagnosis, and a roadmap for guiding treatment.
  • SOHOMD provides a report with a clear diagnosis and treatment plan to incorporate into your care of patients.
  • Primary Care Providers:
    • Treating mental health conditions involves the use of psychotropic medications and/or talk therapy. We are happy to consult on cases where we can refine current treatment plans, and we make sure to coordinate the management of psychiatric medications with the necessary therapists.
    • Untreated or under-treated mental health conditions can present with various somatic complaints. If your workup is unremarkable, let us perform a psychiatric evaluation to complement your findings.
    • Mood disorders heighten the sense of pain. We can screen and treat your patients for conditions that might augment these symptoms. Properly treating an underlying mental health condition could decrease your patients' need for pain medications.
  • Therapists:
    • If your patients are not biologically stabilized, it can limit the benefits of therapy. We perform a standard psychiatric evaluation, along with a genetic analysis, to diagnose and treat chemical imbalances in the brain. Once balanced, patients receive maximum benefit from your work.
    • SOHOMD focuses on biological psychiatry and collaborates with outside therapists. We have many providers offering excellent psychiatric care at affordable rates. And we will coordinate treatment with you to ensure your patients have the best clinical experience.