Mother Goose Health Partnership with SohoMD Expands Maternity Care Platform, Adding Mental Health Services

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Mother Goose, the leading integrated platform aligning incentives and delivering value-based care to obstetrics through evidence-based clinical models, today announced a partnership with SohoMD, a digital mental health services platform focused on comprehensive psychiatric care.

In the US, 1 in 5 individuals will experience a mental health condition during pregnancy or in the year after the birth, with higher rates experienced by women of low socioeconomic status or of racial-ethnic minority.

The Mother Goose Health partnership with SohoMD seamlessly integrates mental health services within the maternity care pathway, providing women with mental health treatment that they would otherwise fail to access.

Among those with perinatal mental health conditions, 20% will experience suicidal thoughts or undertake acts of self-harm. Furthermore, maternal depression during pregnancy has been associated with preterm births, stillbirths, low birth weight, and maternal morbidity including perinatal complications, increased operative delivery, and postpartum depression.

Mother Goose Health’s unification of the fragmented maternity care system, proactively addresses disproportionate risk, care gaps and social determinants to help to improve health outcomes for mother and child, and reduce costs by closing the gaps between provider, patient, health plan and secondary providers.

“We are thrilled to partner with SohoMD to enable access to their unique mental health platform so that we might provide holistic maternity care to all,” said Kenneth Levey MD, MPH, chief executive officer, Mother Goose Health. “Poor perinatal mental health is a common pregnancy-related morbidity, particularly amongst underserved populations, and by completing the circle of mental healthcare from assessment to treatment within a completely connected health management system, we can help to improve outcomes for previously overlooked patient groups and reduce healthcare expenditure in those areas the burden is highest.”

“Even though mood and anxiety disorders are among the most common complications associated with pregnancy, including in the year following the birth, maternal mental health disorders are often underdiagnosed, under-treated, or go untreated completely," said Dr. Jacques Jospitre, chief executive officer and co-founder of SohoMD. "This partnership with Mother Goose, whose services are laser-focused on the needs of new parents, will help us close this gap between care and need and serve as a model for integrating mental health into a maternity care ecosystem.”

About Mother Goose

Mother Goose Health is the leading integrated platform aligning incentives and delivering value-based care to obstetrics through evidence-based clinical models. The platform incorporates predictive risk modeling to identify risks early, unifies communication and care, and facilitates rapid clinical interventions reducing the likelihood of preterm birth, NICU stays, and other complications. The Mother Goose ecosystem includes a patient-facing mobile app and a network of maternity care coordinators and services accessed through a proprietary clinical software application directly connected to the practice EMR.

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About SohoMD

SohoMD is a national online mental health platform that focuses on comprehensive biological psychiatry and trauma-informed therapy. Available remotely, the practice offers a combination of modalities, supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle changes that work in tandem with talk-based therapies and medicines. Their team of internal specialists provides integrated mental health services and considers numerous evidence-based treatments before crafting customized a plan for each patient.

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