Common Reasons to Seek Couples Therapy

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Every relationship has its struggles and ups and downs. It can be difficult to discern whether a conflict in your relationship is a regular problem that you can deal with on your own, or whether it’s worth contacting a professional to help. But couples therapy isn’t just for relationships in crisis. Here are some of the most common reasons why couples seek out professional help to strengthen their bond.

Jealousy challenges

Sometimes a member of the couple is convinced their partner is unsatisfied in the relationship and looking elsewhere to have their needs met, despite continued reassurance from their partner that that isn’t the case. Or maybe one member of the couple obsessively checks the other’s social media and tries to restrict who their partner can spend time with.

Jealousy issues can break down a relationship quickly. But they’re also often indicative of a deeper issue. Couples therapy can help you get to the core of the issue.

Addiction or other obsessive behaviors

Alcohol abuse, gambling, drug addiction, and other obsessive behaviors can be destructive to a relationship. If one or both members of the couple are struggling with addiction, a couples therapist can help you navigate that challenge together – in a constructive, healthy way.

Infidelity or a breach of trust

A major breach of trust can stir up anger, hurt, resentment, and betrayal. But it doesn’t have to be the death knell for a relationship. Some couples even get stronger after infidelity.

However, it can be hard to rebuild trust and talk openly about the issue without emotions clouding every discussion you try to have to resolve the conflict. A couples therapist can help you both move forward and address the core issues at play.

Division of labor 

Couples that live together often butt heads over seemingly-mundane issues like childcare, chores, and other tasks that affect more day-to-day life than earth-shattering moments. This can become a major issue over the course of the relationship.

Conflicts over money management and financial philosophies

Everyone has their own philosophy about money, whether they realize it or not. Sometimes one member of the couple is a saver and the other is a spender. Sometimes a family falls on hard times or struggles with unemployment, which can lead to conflict. Our financial philosophies are often wrapped up in lots of other emotions and worldviews that a couples therapist can help you unpack so you can face financial life together.

Premarital counseling or major life changes

Even if there’s no major issue to resolve, counseling can prepare couples to enter long-term commitment (like getting married) or tackle a major life change head-on. This kind of “tune-up” session can help you develop a strong, healthy relationship and identify any potential problems that may arise down the road so neither member of the couple feels blindsided.

Considering divorce or separation

Couples therapy can help you decide whether divorce or separation is the right choice for your partnership. Even if you decide not to stay together, your therapist can help you do so as amicably as possible, which can be invaluable in saving you and your family a lot of heartaches.

Couples therapy can feel intimidating for some people. But the rewards can massively outweigh the initial trepidation.


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