How to Find the Right Therapist

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So you have decided to begin seeing a therapist. Good for you! Working with a therapist can be one of the most rewarding, growth-promoting, and yes, even life-changing experiences a person can have. 

Choosing the right therapist is every bit as important as your decision to start working with one. So how do you find the right therapist? If you are like many people, you may not have a clue about how to go about looking for the best therapist for you.

Here are some guidelines to help you in your therapist search:

1. Do your research

Definitely take a look at the therapist’s website, which should have information about the therapist’s background, such as their education, professional credentials, and any special certifications. Many times, the website will also have information about their approach to therapy as well.

2. Look for a recommendation

Asking a trusted friend or colleague if they know a therapist they would recommend is a good way to find someone, especially if they or someone they know, has had personal experience with the therapist.  

3. Seek out someone who can help with your specific condition

You will likely have a more successful outcome if you go to a therapist who has expertise in the specific problem area for which you are seeking help.

4. Ask questions

In your initial session, don’t hesitate to ask questions of the therapist to make sure they are a good fit, such as: What is your therapy style? Do you give homework? How long do you regularly work with clients? A competent therapist will welcome these questions and will be happy to discuss your concerns. 

Trust and proper communication are key

According to scientific research, much of the success of your therapy will depend a great deal on having a good relationship with your therapist, one that is based on mutual trust and clear communication, as well as a willingness to work together toward specific goals based on a clear treatment plan. Taking the time to find a competent therapist who is right for you and your situation will help you to confidently move toward your goals and to work toward resolving your problems. 

We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have about our therapists or our approach to treatment.

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