Our providers work with your “in-network” or "out-of-network" benefits

It may be helpful to contact your insurance carrier before booking an appointment and ask:
• whether my plan has mental health benefits through another carrier

• if there are any deductibles that must be met before these benefits are active and if there is any co-insurance associated with the plan
• whether or not there are "out-of-network" benefits and if so, is there an “out-of-network” deductible, how much is reimbursed

• if a referral or prior authorization is required and if there are limits on the number of therapy visits in a given time period.
• how to submit claims for reimbursement (this is typically this is done by our office or we can give the patient a receipt called a "superbill" that includes all relevant diagnostic and service codes).

Fees for treatment vary depend on time and modality. Payment is due at time of the visit and we accept cash, and all major credits.

Codes commonly used in our visits include especially those in bold:

Initial Evaluation
99204 + 99836 - First initial eval with an MD/Psychiatrist or APN/Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.
90792 – Initial evaluation with psychiatrist
90791- Initial evaluation with (non MD) therapist

Medication check codes
99212 – Medication check, straightforward
99213 – Medication check, low complexity
99214 – Medication check, medium complexity
99215 – Medication check, high complexity
“add-on” codes that are usually used in conjunction with the above medication check codes:
90833 – plus psychotherapy, 16-37 mins (99213 or 99214 +90833 is a common set of codes for a typical 20 minute medication check with a psychiatrist)
90836 – plus psychotherapy, 38-52 mins
90838 – plus psychotherapy, >52 mins

Psychotherapy codes
90832 – Psychotherapy (no medication), 16-37 mins

90834 – Psychotherapy (no medication), 38-52 mins (this is our standard therapy code for therapy with non-MD's)
90837 – Psychotherapy (no medication), > 52 mins
90846 – Family psychotherapy, patient not present
90847 – Family psychotherapy
90853 – Group psychotherapy

90849 – Multi-family group psychotherapy

SohoMD Appointment and Cancellation Policy

You agree to the appointment times that the Soho Medical Doctors, PLLC and affiliated entities (SohoMD) staff schedules for you. Your appointment time is reserved for you and prevents other patients from using that time. As a courtesy to you, we try to make appointment reminder phone calls, texts, or emails one to two business days prior to your visit. Whether or not we remind you of your scheduled visit, it is your responsibility to remember and show up for your appointment.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, we need at least one business day to enable us to schedule someone else. (Weekend days and holidays are not business days.)

You will be charged a full session rate for any missed appointment or appointment that is not cancelled prior to one business day before your scheduled appointment.

Your provider may choose to waive or reduce this fee depending on your circumstances.

If you miss or cancel two sessions, your provider may discharge you from their service for administrative reasons.