Feel your best with integrative wellness


At SohoMD, we have designed an integrative wellness experience that is accessible to everyone but personalized to you.

What is Integrative Wellness?

Integrative wellness is a combination of natural, holistic approaches with conventional care methods (like talk therapy and medication). It seeks to understand the whole picture of your health and wellness. We use blood work and laboratory tests to go beyond the scope of conventional psychiatric care. This allows us to give more informed, tailored care recommendations to get you where you want to be.

“[Nurse Spears] was very easy to talk to. Understanding of my situation.  Even after I have had the same diagnosis for many years she is still interested in having me do more assessments to make sure my treatment is the best it can be.”

Feel like you’ve tried everything and haven’t received the results you’ve been looking for?

You’re not alone.

Instead of just simply diagnosing, our team searches for the root cause of what’s causing you distress or pain.

When we have a clearer picture of your unique situation, we will create a treatment plan that includes lifestyle, foods, relaxation work, and natural remedies alongside standard treatments to create a truly comprehensive plan.

How it works


anxiety and worry


Depending on your needs, we’ll reach out to get some testing done. This includes blood sugar levels, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and many more.

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anxiety and worry

Personal History

Discuss your mental health history and unanswered questions with one of our integrative care specialists.

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anxiety and worry


Learning about your environment can help us determine an integrative wellness plan that will actually have results.

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Genomic Makeup

We can test your genetic makeup to determine hereditary genes that may impact your overall wellness. This is all done confidentially.

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Integrative Wellness in 4 easy steps


Schedule a Consultation

Talk to one of our specialists from the comfort of your home about your unique situation.

Coordinate Data Collection

We’ll coordinate all of your in-lab tests and walk you through any at-home testing steps.

Interpret the Results

A specialist will help you interpret your results.


Your Treatment Plan

Determine a treatment plan uniquely for you.


We lead with CARE. Not profits.

We believe this kind of high-quality care should be accessible. We are constantly trying to bring your insurance in-network with our providers.

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