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Maybe you’ve tried therapy, even medication, but nothing quite works. We’re an integrated mental health practice. Our team of specialists looks at all of you — your physical health, genetic markers, personal history. Then considers the right evidence-based treatments — from medicine and supplements to nutrition and lifestyle. This is mental health done right. Start your first appointment in as little as 24 hours. 

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Short Wait Times    
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Cutting Edge Treatment    
Whole Body Wellness    
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Psychiatry in 3 Easy Steps.

SohoMD specializes in comprehensive psychiatry, integrative therapies, and addiction recovery.
Find a provider

Our easy-to-use directory lists multiple providers who match your location, treatment needs, and insurance.

Make an appointment

Once you find a provider who fits your needs, you set up an appointment that fits in your schedule.

Fill out a pre-intake form

We’ll ask for a brief medical history and your insurance or payment information through our client onboarding process.

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